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Gainsborough Tri-Lock:

'Developed and made in Australia, the Gainsborough Trilock Series combines the latest in door hardware design with the world renowned Trilock '3 in 1' technology. The Trilock Traditional Series combines timeless styling, advanced engineering principles and world class tarnish resistant decorative finishes. The Trilock Contemporary Series is styled for today’s building and renovations, featuring modern escutcheon and handle styling, combined with world class tarnish resistant finishes.' (Gainsborough Hardware)

OZI Lock:

OZI Lock Longplate Combination sets are available where all the items needed to fit a complete entry lock are supplied together as a single product. Combination sets include:
OZI lock mortice case 60mm backset
OZI lock standard mortice face plate and standard striker plate satin chrome finish.
Lever on longplate set with the lever style that you select.
Privacy Snib button on the inside longplate - stainless steel
Euro cylinder 70mm length satin chrome
3 keys supplied


Pull Handle / Roller Mortice Lock

With a large selection of pull handles to choose from, the mortice lock / pull handle combination can cater to all needs. Featuring double cylinder or single cylinder deadbolts, the roller mortice lock works by using a roller catch to catch into the striker plate. This roller catch can be adjusted via an alan key to tighten or lessen the catch tension. They are available in satin chrome / polished chrome and stainless steel finishes.



Lever Handle / Mortice Lock

With a large selection of lever handles to choose from, the mortice lock / lever handle combination is a popular alternative to the pull handle. Double and single cylinder deadbolts are available. They are available in satin chrome / polished chrome and stainless steel finishes.



Gainsborough offers a range of deadbolts for strength, security and style.
The Stronghold and Contractor Series include single and double cylinder deadbolts in a range of finishes to match locksets in the same series. The Innovator provides a contemporary and modern style deadbolt in either standard or narrow throw versions, in either single or double cylinder functions. Deadbolts can be combined with entrance sets and matching trim plates for a stylish and secure result. (Gainsborough Hardware)

Other deadbolts styles also available from alternative manufacturers.

Key Features of the 001TOUCH™ Electronic Deadlatch
Touch screen Keypad:
The touch screen keypad has no mechanical buttons which means no trace of your secret pin code.
4-12 Digit pin code
Choose a pin code from 4 - 12 digits, this could be ideal for children or occupants that loose keys on a regular basis.
Key Cards
Program up to 20 Key cards into your lock and have the ability to remove them individually.
Secure Mode
You have the option to lock the 001TOUCH with the internal key, the key card and pin number automatically unlocks upon entry. This safety release function minimises the chance being locked inside your house.
Low power consumption
Unlock your door up to 10,000 times with one set of 4 x AA batteries. We recommend the batteries are changed every 12 months regardless.
Outdoor weather resistant keypad
The Keypad is designed to withstand most weather conditions.
Master code
You will have the ability as a master to add and delete users.User code that expires
You have the ability to program a code that may last from 3 - 366 hours. This is ideal when a tradesman requires access to your house for a few hours or when your neighbour is looking after your home for up to two weeks.
Cryptic code function
Prevent others from identifying your pin code during access, the cryptic code function confuses the onlooker but at the same time allows you to still gain entry.User codes and setting remain if batteries are removed
The settings, codes and key cards will remain programmed in the lock in the event the batteries are depleted.
Automatic Locking
Once the correct code or key card is presented, the lock will remain unlocked for 5 seconds and will lock automatically when the 5 seconds expire.Visual guide for programming


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